Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Beloved...

September 5th is/was our wedding anniversary. This shall be my first without him. I know that July 4th was a rather rough holiday for me, as that was the day he proposed to me. That, and every Independence Day after, he would ask me again, to be his wife. I'd made plans to go hang with the neighbors that evening, but wound up not being able to speak to anyone without bursting out in gut wrenching sobs that night. Yeah, for some odd reason, it hit me hard, when I really never expected it. How will I handle tomorrow, the 5th? Only time will tell.

Have been uber busy here, done a bit of traveling and enjoyed a wonderful garden this past summer. I've been neglecting my blog(s), but then, my muse has been overwhelmed by all the goings on here on the farm. The critters, my sheep, goats, geese, doggies & kitties are all thriving. The garden is near done, except for the squashes (yellow, acorn & butternut) & brussel sprouts I planted. I did some canning the past couple of weeks, too, taking advantage of the good crop of crabapples, yellow squash, green onions, apples & green beans that I have had this summer. Made some delicious crabapples jelly, cinnamon applesauce, zucchini jelly (kind of like a relish), zuc/yellow squash Italiano (sooo yummy!) and spicy "dilly" beans. There's a crate in the mudroom with several squashes, too, that I will have to find a cool place for, so I can use them over the winter. :D Yep, I've been domestic lately.

Job hunting, too, There's no more insurance $ left, since my son needed my help with a couple of "issues". He's planning on moving up here, as soon as he gets those "issues" completed, to help me with the farm. He was here for a couple of weeks in July & he fixed the leaking roof. Then he chose to return to Oklahoma, to face his issues & take responsibility for his choices. I hated to see him go, but it's better that he deal with that stuff, so he'll be able to start with a clean slate, once he does get moved up here permanently. It will be such a relief to have him here & I am really proud of how hard he is trying to straighten up and settle down. Finally, the kid is wanting to grow up & as long as he keeps that attitude, I'll use every resource I can to help him make better choices. Plus, once he gets settled in here, I'll feel more comfortable about returning to the doc to discuss that biopsy and treatment, if it's needed. Yeah, after watching my Spouse endure 6 years of various protocols of treatment, I'm not about to try doing that living by myself!

My daughter is entering her second trimester of pregnancy! I was hesitant to mention anything, because her first pregnancy didn't go so well. This time mom & baby are doing splendid, so I'm thrilled to announce that I shall soon be a grandmother again! *happy dances* My daughter & her hubby are so excited, as they have been trying for the past couple of years for this special bundle! After all of the losses they have endured over the past year, it's terrific to have some good news to focus on. :)

Back to the job search topic: I applied with the local school district for a substitute teacher position. Had to go through the fingerprinting/background check, in order to even be considered. Did that about a month ago. Went in to the school yesterday, to find out if I'd been giving a clear pass, only to learn the FBI rejected my prints! Not sure what "low characteristics" means, but am guessing the first guy used a tad tooooo much ink, so the prints were too smeared. Got my prints redone, via a different sheriff at the courthouse & hopefully the FBI will be happier. At least, I know the Feds aren't out hanging my photo up at the post office! LOL Speaking of the post office, our local one has had a sign hanging for over a month, seeking someone who will bid on the cleaning of the town office. What the heck - just six hours a week, easy, honest money, so I put in my bid. Wish me luck on that. That & the sub-teaching job. :)

Another note - a couple of months ago, I sent my darling Ingo to another breeder in Wisconsin. She (the breeder) had been here in the Spring, so her beautiful Jura could "court" my Ingo. Well, for some reason, it didn't happen... darn slick floors?! Soooo - I sent Ingo to her, hoping that he & Jura would eventually be able to get their acts together. Plus, Ingo would be an indoor doggy if he lived with them. I couldn't let him be an indoor doggy here, because he & Muffin kept doing that "pissin' match" thing when I tried here. *ugh* Anyways... Jura just had her Autumn heat & Ingo went to the "doggy love doctors" that are near where the other breeder lives. The docs are specialists in the AI department & were able to successfully get 3 "collections" from Ingo. According to the specialists, this is Ingo's LAST HURRAH. The other breeder & I are dearly hoping there will be at least 2 healthy puppies from this union. If so, & assuming one will be a female, I shall be getting the pick of the litter female & will be able to return to breeding my beautiful Entlebuchers. It's been awhile since there have been puppies here & I am excited, again, about the prospect of being a responsible & ethical breeder, once more. That and puppy-breath kisses. Yeah. :D

Definitely seeking intense prayers & positive thoughts for the success of the breeding between Jura & Ingo. Ingo has the most marvelous temperament, OFA rated Excellent hips and is a stunning representative of the breed standard. Jura is beautiful, is such a sweet nut and she does NOT carry the gene for PRA. This means none of their pups would have the gene for PRA, too! So, if they inherit their daddy's hips, we're looking at some pups with potential to better the breed. Maybe some of that info whooshed right over your heads, so trust me when I say that's all good stuff. :)

So, my friends... that's the summer in a nutshell. Feel free to send me some positive energy & thoughts, that I'll be able to get through tomorrow a bit better than I did on the 4th of July. I'm going to work on maintaining an attitude of gratitude, for the blessings that come from a decade of incredible memories (the good ones, ya know) and the understanding that the God of my understanding isn't about to desert me or my needs. And yeah, I'll work on blogging when I can, more often. *hugs to all*


Enid said...

Wow! you have been a busy little bee. Miss ya.

There is so much I want to say but I think a big hug is better (((hug)))

Moomin said...

Very busy!

A doggy love doctor? They have those as well? :)

laughingwolf said...

hi sweetie... sounds like some things are going well, hope more so in future :)

blessings to all....

Nikkie said...

Hello. I am in the process of hunting people down. Glad you left you new blog addy on the efx front page. I am now subscrbed to you.
You can find me at vox:
Don't be a stranger!

Brenda said...

My very best thoughts are always with you in all matter of things.
Congrats on the grandbaby news...I am completely excited for you!!! And soon to be Entle. pups too!!
There are never enough babies or puppies in this world for me :)
The job will come when it's meant to be...if it's meant to be. Don't stress too much over it, things will fall into place, you deserve that at the very least.

Reader Wil said...

Hi Kimmi, how are you today? The blog here keeps me very busy and I like it. It looks that efx2 is down again.

Lady Visine said...

*hugs Enid back*

Luke - the doggy love doctor "handles" everything & the dogs don't even have to be in the same room. Not as much fun for the dogs, but if it gets me a new puppy, I'm totally fine with it! ;)

Long time, no see, Tony! Hiya & blessings right back atcha. :)

Yea, Nikkie founded me & now I can bookmark you, too! *happy dances*

Ben - since you're the Scrabble genius, how about you help me pick a cool female name that starts with the letter "A" for my new puppy? As far as the job goes, there are several open in town, but I keep missing the owners, when I go in to apply. Not stressing, but the outgo total exceeds the current income... *sighs*. Still, I have faith that the right job will appear when I'm ready for it. <3

Hi Wil! It's great to see you again! Been so busy with the garden & animals, I've sorely neglected reading all of my friends' blogs. As for efx, the last 3 times I have posted, it's "gone down", so maybe I have been the one guilty of breaking it? Sure hope not!

Thanks to y'all for your encouragement & love. Got through the anniversary, much better than I anticipated, actually. Lots of family & friends called & I didn't have time for pity parties. Ya, worked my rear off & was too tired to be sad. LOL

Reader Wil said...

Hi Kimmi How are you? I miss the old friends from efx2, even if I have new friends here. Fortunately I meet Patty Lincoln almost daily.