Monday, December 10, 2007

that's what the nurse told me, when I phoned from work a couple of days ago, to check on Spouse. Those old symptoms, which we have seen before, a few times this year, that we'd discovered were caused by a UTI (urinary tract infection) have returned again. So, I told the doctor & his care management team about the previous episodes and what was done to bring Spouse back to better condition. So, they took a sample of blood & urine for lab work.

It's not another UTI, but it is what it is. Spouse is getting nearer to the end, so please excuse my absence. He tells me he feels the end is near and he is tired, ready and the only thing that keeps him here is his worry for me. I told him to not worry over me, but to go when he is ready & to remember my faith in our Higher Power to meet my needs. Spouse can watch over me, from where it is he goes from here and I shall have comfort in knowing he is looking out for me.

My boss knows that I won't be able to work pretty soon, even on a part-time basis. I've got to work 4 days this week, but I've informed him that in the next week(s), it will be impossible for me to work two days in a row, as he's got me scheduled this week. Spouse told me he is afraid I won't be there, when the time comes & I've promised to be at his side.

Much to do now - get the dogs' care arranged, get through this week of work and figure out where the extra gas money will come from. Oh yeah - they (the nursing home) moved Spouse to a different room. It's at the end of another hall and that blasted buzzer which signals the staff to a resident needing assistance is no longer blaring outside of his room door! The new room is painted a nice color, is very quiet and his window is much larger.

Yesterday, while I was there, we were watching the flock of birds that frequent his feeders that are hung just outside his window. Suddenly, they all flew away and we saw a large bird land on the bush below the feeders. I looked, surprised, and discovered a hawk had lighted on the bush! It was a beautiful hawk and Spouse was thrilled to see it. That was nice, but I cannot help but wonder if the hawk was some sort of omen, a sign of things to come.

Must get ready for work now, so I hope you all know that you remain in my thoughts. If I knew how to insert a shoutbox, I would. Feel free to leave your hellos & such in this post & I'll check them when able. Love y'all!