Monday, October 22, 2007

A Blog gone to the Dogs

I was just futzing around YouTube and ran across these vids. Both of them cracked me up, even though they are sooo different. The funny thing is, the second one has characters that make me think about some of my efx2blogs friends! You know who you are!!! ;) Enjoy!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Job Hunting

*note: had to delete & repost, in order to get rid of nearly 400 trackbackcrap things!*

Okay folks - now's a good time for anyone interested to send me all the positive energy and prayers you can muster, in re: my job hunting. A rare opening came up in the grocery store in town & I applied. I'm qualified and they know about my situation with Spouse. It would be a decent job and only 4ish miles from home. This job is one I think I'd enjoy, also, especially after my husband has passed on, because I'd get to know people in the community better.

So - light your candles, cross your fingers and legs and put in a good word for me with your Higher Power. I would really appreciate it... really, really. TIA