Sunday, April 6, 2008

Okay, So I'm Not Johnny Depp

Still, I enjoyed a lovely walk across my back yard, fields, through my trees and to the cornfields behind my home a couple of days ago. I'd been standing out on my deck and realized the Canadian Geese and the Snow Geese were flying overhead, with their destination being the field right behind my place. After trying to figure out how to use the movie feature on my digital camera, I thought I'd give an attempt to film the many geese in that field and the embedded flick is the result of my feeble attempts.

Hope you enjoy it! Note: some strong language, so you might want to make sure the kids are elsewhere in the home. It's a 6 minute vid, too, so it may take awhile to load for those on dial-up... sorry. Grab some popcorn and take a walk on the wild side with me...