Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Nearly Time...

... and I'm unsure of how I really feel about it. Tonight, I'll meet a friend who is going to doggysit Chikletz for me. The day I leave, I'll take Ingo & Muffin to the vets, to be kenneled for the duration. Must call my neighbor, to remind them about tending the outside dogs for me. Got the cats squared away, so they should be good.

Last week, I finally brought Spouse's remains home. The funeral home put his ashes in a plastic bag, that was inside another plastic bag, then in a cardboard box. Yep, just a plain old, brown, cardboard box. I was none to comfortable with the idea of transporting my beloved's remains in such a flimsy box, so I searched the house for something more suitable, more... him. Finally, my eyes flashed past some old, military ammo boxes that Spouse kept his ammo in. *d'uh* I emptied a smaller ammo box of it's shells and put the plastic bags that held Spouse inside. Perfect fit, a sturdy box that I believe he would have appreciated as a temporary urn. That ammo box is now safely tucked away inside my nearly packed suitcase.

The plan is to take the train to Washington, where a friend will meet me at the station. I'll be staying with this friend and will be able to use an old beater pickup truck of his. On Saturday, April 19th, in the afternoon, there will be a memorial service/pot luck luncheon in a big hall. Following the memorial service/pot luck, the Whatcom County chapter of Combat Veterans International (CVI) will provide a motorcycle Honor Guard to the place where I and a few others will board the sailboat, which will take us to the place where my husband wished for his remains to be scattered. Hopefully, the weather will be kind for smooth sailing, otherwise, we'll be driving to the place and I'll have to figure out another way to get his ashes out to the sea.

You may not hear from me for awhile, at least until I return. You kids be good, while I'm gadding about on this final chapter of life with my beloved. I'll miss ya.