Thursday, September 6, 2007

Painful Gifts

Yep, it's the last time I celebrate the end of a decade!!! If I ever mention planning on doing so in the future, please tie me up long enough to read this post. As most of you know, Spouse & I were married ten years ago, on this day. I drove down and spent the day with him, which included a beautiful and quite yummy cake that I ordered from the store. We were able to share the cake with some of the other veterans on his ward and the nursing staff. I brought a chunk home for me to have for breakfast & he's got a chunk for tomorrow, too. That was nice, sharing the cake with the guys & nurses. They enjoyed it too. I got some nice bike gloves for Spouse - the type without fingers, so he won't hurt his hands wheeling himself around in his chariot. I picked up a nice Sony CD/mp3/FM radio walkman for him, as well & took some of his fave CDs down, so he can enjoy his music. He was rocking out to Santana when I left to go home.

So, what did I get? You really wanna know? I'll try to condense it into a list...

the first thing I got was a dog bite on my calf, last night. One of the outside kids accidentally bit my leg, when he was going for another of the kids. The other kid moved his nose and my leg took the snap. It was an accident, otherwise, he would have been taken to the vet today, for the long nap. That's 1, Boscoe. Ouch.

A spider bit me on the bottom of my foot, while I was sleeping. Perhaps it happened this morning, while I was oversleeping because I forgot to set the alarm & my sis forgot she was supposed to give me a wake up call. Either way, I slept through the bite & now it itches. At least, it's on the opposite leg as the dog bite. Ouch & itch.

A torn muscle in my lower back, when I leaned over to put on my undies, after the shower. That's the first time I realized you can actually hear a muscle rip. What a weird riiiiip-pop sound that was. Ouch.

Had a few near misses and mechanical mishaps, en route to the VA, but am glad the car didn't roll and I survived the rest, as well. Damn lucky, to be honest. I should be dead, but no scratches and no dings in the car either. Can you say miracle? By the way, that ditch is a helluva lot deeper than it looks from the road. Whew!

Started paying Much better attention and had a fairly uneventful trip & visit with Spouse. I left, with enough time to make it home before dark thirty and stopped at Sonic to get a cherry limeade for the ride. Love those things. Every time I drink one, I think back to the time my sis & I were working on Mom's house, following her funeral. We went to Sonic every day for the cherry limeades. Now, when I have one, a smile is guaranteed to be plastered on my face. Funny how some foods and drinks will do that. I got a huge one, so I'm still drinking & smiling. :D

Stopped at the Target in Watertown, mostly to drain the vein & to check out if there was anything in the clearance that I might want. Spouse told me to go get myself something as his anniversary present for me, since he is unable to get to the stores. Found a pretty pair of earrings in the clearance and headed toward the registers. En route, I went past the jewelry counters & discovered a bracelet that matches, exactly, the new earrings. In the budget & now mine, mine, all mine! Pretty, sparkly and they both match a ring I recently got. Nice! Thank you, Spouse.

Began the trek home, now that I'd found a little something from Spouse to me, and drove past all the burger joints without stopping. I thought the day had finally turned around & was going to close nicely. Pulled into our driveway, glad to see the porch light and turned off the car. Home sweet home, right? Went into the garage to feed the outside kids their dinner and took 4 tasty biscuits out of the jar that I keep in the file cabinet. Yes, I said that. If I left it out in the open, they'd figure how to take the lid off the jar. I know they would. That or eat through the jar, to get the biscuits. Handed one to Boscoe, one to Lil' Bit, one to Ingo and then started to hand one to Anwar. He was excited and chomped down on the biscuit, and my thumbnail. His fang left a tiny blue bruise in the middle of my thumbnail. It hurt so bad, the next finger hurts, too. That's 1, Anni. It'll heal. So will the other dog bite on my leg, the spider bite, the torn back muscle and the blister on my heel.

The way I see it, I earned the earrings and bracelet & so I finally decided what Spouse is getting me for our anniversary. He's buying me a new tattoo. I have some scars on my left arm, from way back when I was a kid & a cutter. I'd like something pretty with dragonflies and pansies... anyone want to contribute a design that is about 2.5 to 3 inches squarish?