Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Had it!

Okay - I am now in the process of transferring all of my old posts from that derelict blog home into this blog home. Ya, I have a Vox blog, but it's reserved for when I get off my rear end & start writing stories again. So, this is for my personal stuff & the Vox is for my creative fiction stuff. As soon as I get the rest of my old posts moved over to here, I'll resume posting randomly & neglectfully, as per my most recent behaviors. Let me know where you're blogging, my friends, so I don't lose track of ya - PLEASE!! :)


Dr. Dog said...

So nice to hear from you again. I'm still posting at Vox, but I'm thinking of cross-posting over here at Blogspot, too.

The Efx2 ship has finally sunk, and I have abandoned ship.

LMC said...

I'm over at VOX. Too much work to keep up more then one blog. I like the group thing over there. Seems to be a bunch of us EFXers over their.....maybe we can do a "take over"

I have one here too..but I never use it any more. I think I will stay with Vox...until mad scientist can revive EFX!

Moomin said...

Bookmarked! The moomins will follow! :)

I have a Vox account as well but I am posting at bitzky.blogspot.com

I will keep in touch!

Chica said...

Well you know where I'm at, and I know where your at, now about finding all the others... lol

Nikkie said...

Hello. I am in the process of hunting people down. Glad you left you new blog addy on the efx front page. I am now subscrbed to you.
You can find me at vox: http://mercedes726.vox.com/
Don't be a stranger!

Brenda said...

All of this nomadic activity is too much like work. Why can't we just have the glory days of MB back??!

Wherever you go I will follow...I'm like a stalker only harmless.

Dee Jay said...

Gotcha all bookmarked and linked here at blogger. I have an account at Vox, but I the place is too oogly for me. I'll be staying here, I think. I am at wordpress too, and trying to make a decision between that place and this as my permanent home.

Decisions decisions! Egads!

Woman of Feathers said...

I've been getting established at Vox: http://womanoffeathers.vox.com

Have been for a long time at:

And, of course, here.

Kimmi ... call me ... I lost your #

Woman of Feathers said...

I just created this ... pass it around ...

Reader Wil said...

Hi Kimmi I am glad to see you here again. I am both on blogspot and on vox. I like blogspot very much. And meet here more people than on efx2.

Treasa said...

here, there, vox, and LJ, still.

I hate LJ, but it's been the most constantly up, sadly.

I couldn't remember how to get in here for a long time, but I finally remembered.

Then, Vox, is my private place.

And while I love the controls and stuff of efx2, if it's not up, more than it's down, what's the point?

The people have always been more important, and remembering what happened when- which is why I started this in the first place 5 or so years ago, so, I'm still everywhere.

laughingwolf said...

i'm still here, hon... not going anywhere, though i have other places i post, too