Friday, August 3, 2007

Mane Frame

Okay folks - I have an appointment at 4:30 to get my hair cut. It'll be the first cut since Spouse & I got married. Before he came into my life, I had a chat with the God of my understanding & I mentioned that if a good man was sent into my life, then I'd give my hair to the GOMU. Soon enough, along comes Spouse, we got married & I haven't cut it since. While I truly believe that the GOMU won't strike me dead or love me any less than He already does, I have been tormented by the thought of how disappointed He will be with me, if/when I do cut my hair off.

The thing is, my hair is neato, as far as long, but it's also a huge PIA, as far as taking care of it. When I get up in the morning, I hit the ground running and usually am not able to get my own personal shower until well after midnite each day. My hair, when wet, takes at least an hour to comb all the tangles out & yes, I do use conditioner on it... lots of conditioner, but that does not eliminate tangles in hair as wavy as mine. With Spouse's health getting as bad as it is, my hair is in the way and even could be construed as dangerous at times. Imagine me being stuck because Spouse decides to walk across the room while I am trying to comb out the snags and he falls. When my hair has been hanging down, while I've worked at helping him get back up off the floor, he's grabbed it for balance *ouch!*, gotten it tangled around his arms, etc. Not good.

So - I am going to trust that my GOMY won't blast me with lightening or love me any less and He'll understand that the better sacrifice might be, at this point, to shed the locks. The question now remains... How short should I cut it? I'm thinking cut it extremely short and then I won't have to cut it again for another ten years.

What say you?

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