Saturday, August 4, 2007

Done Deed

Here ya go, folks... the before & after pix of my hair, taken yesterday. I woke up this morning with bedhead. Haven't really had that problem for a few years, so it's going to take some serious getting used to! :laugh: It might be a good idea for those with weak hearts to be sitting when they see the extreme difference in my hair, btw. ;)



Boy, does my neck look fat in that second picture! Actually, kids, that's all muscle from carrying around all the extra weight. It's amazing how light my head feels now. I'm going to go hop into the shower and see how long it takes to get done now that I don't have 5 pounds of hair to wash!

One more thing... remember how I was really concerned about getting struck by lightening if I cut it, because of the vow I'd made to God, years ago? We got rain last night - lots of rain - but, no lightening at all. It's been nearly two months of no rain and the downpour was a blessing for our lawn and the local crops, indeed. I guess God's okay with my needing to shed the locks. whew!

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