Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New colors

Today has been a busy one for me. Well, not the entire day, but the part I was awake was busy enough. This past week, I stopped in at the Menard's in Watertown and bought the stuff I would need to paint a wall in my kitchen. I may do a couple more of the walls, but for now, want to see if I'm happy with the one wall, first. My house has a fairly pretty kitchen, but it's one drawback, for me, is the walls, ceiling and cabinets are all white. *snore* At first, I considered painting the cabinets, but changed my mind, because I'm lazy. The top cupboards have glass inserts & I was not looking forward to taking down all of the doors and taping off all of the glass. So, I took the few things off the wall *3 pics* and have been taping off the woodwork. I did put a bit of the paint on the wall, before tackling that, so I'd be able to see how the color appeals to me. It's nice, a bit more blue than I wanted, but it's drying into a lovely shade.

In the meantime, Chica-X, aka Kel, has been working on the code to allow me to return the navbar to my blog. She is a gem, folks - a real DOLL! :D

Back to work, folks. Just thought I'd check in and say, "Hey!".


Dr. Dog said...

Hey, yourself! Good luck with the painting. What color are you using? Blue? Or Too Blue?

I hear you about the cold weather. Way too much, too soon. I'm covering a football game in Ironwood Friday night, and it's supposed to be getting below freezing there, too. SD usually is first to get the frost, but we're usually not too far behind.

Gotta dig out the quilts and comforters a little early this winter, I guess. Take care and sleep warm.

LauriesAsylum said...

A blue color sounds lovely! I use to have blue in my kitchen, it's a very calming color. I don't have a navigation bar on my site either.:(

Lady Visine said...

The color is called "Velvet Morning", and it's the closest I could find to a periwinkle (sort of bluish to lavender)that I was searching for. In the daytime, it looks more blue, but as the evening light draws nigh, it's more dark lavender. I just finished painting the one wall and have the roller & brush wrapped up for the night. Tomorrow, I'll give it another coat and tear down the plastic & painters tape. When it is dry and the furniture is put back in place, I'll post a before/after shot. :D

Lady Visine said...

oh & Peter - don't forget your gloves and hat for the game!!! Bundle up, dude!

elisataufik said...

oh my, sprucing up both of your real and virtual home at the same time??
You're really amazing. I wouldnt be able to concentrate!

BDP said...

hey! good to see that your nav bar is back! have a nice day there!

laughingwolf said...

'blue must be the color of the blues...' ;) lol

don't trip over the 'kids' while your attention is elsewhere!

Lady Visine said...

Thanks, BDP, for your help in getting that restored, too! I really appreciate your kindness. :D

Now the wall is finished & drying, it's a quick shower, the kids to the vet for overnight kenneling & I'm going to visit Spouse.

While I am down in Sioux Falls, I'll take a side trip to my fave tat artist and get a new tattoo on my upper left arm. There are some scars there, that I'd like to hide. What I am thinking of getting is a fish (Spouse is a Pices) leaping out of a pool of water, trying to catch a dragonfly (which symbolizes me). I'll have Tim, my tattoo dude take a pic for me, with my camera, so I can show you guys when I get home Friday evening.

Until then, you kids stay out of trouble or don't get caught! <3

Patty said...

Have a safe trip going and coming home. Tell Alfred the Lincoln's said hello.

By the way, we just got a Menard's Store that opened in Richmond, IN about 20 to 25 miles from us. Been there once so far. Nice, they have about anything you can think of.

Anonymous said...

I read your post and comments with interest and then saw Patty already told you about our new Menards

Lady Visine said...

Hi Patty & Abe! I just got home a few minutes ago, from when I left on Thursday afternoon. Alfred asked me to thank you for the lovely card. It's sitting on his windowsill, next to the card I got for him. He wanted me to tell you he appreciates the blessing you two are & sends his warm regards back atcha. :)

As for the trip... yesterday was kind of ugly, but today was much better. I'll post a blog about it, PDQ. :) <3