Saturday, August 25, 2007

8^0 8^0

uhm... er... oh fuck the cat, kids! I colored my hair tonight and it looks absolutely hilarious! Used a dark auburn shade, like I've used many times before, at least, before I went to black for awhile. Now that the hair is short, I was wanting to go back to the reddish shades that I enjoy. The thing is, I hadn't realized just how much gray there is up there now. While I was waiting for the color to set, I decided to read the instructions again. There was a little blurb that I hadn't noticed earlier when I read them the first time. Something about if there's a lot of gray, then these shades of red might seem a bit extreme. Extreme. Okay. Extreme? Uh, okay? It's sooo red, that I had to laugh, long and hard. I was reminded of a post Chandra made recently. Surely, she didn't jinx my new do, did she? ;) naaaah!

Thank God for ball caps and being able to color it again in a week. Maybe I'll add a bit of brownish shade to tone down the freakin' fireball on top of my head next week! :eek::laugh: OH - no, I won't be posting pix! :p


For those of you who were so kind and understanding about my previous post/vent - thank you all so much. I've gotten some rest and have taken some steps to simplify our lives here a bit. For example, today, I took the bathroom door off of the hinges. Now Spouse is able to wheel himself into there and get himself on the can pretty much by himself. THAT is sweet. He appreciates having a bit of independence and I appreciate the break. For those folks who had planned on visiting, don't fret. I whipped up a beautiful curtain for the bathroom door, so there is still a modicum of privacy. It's a nice home dec fabric, so it's plenty thick and there is no seeing through it. Trust me, it's going to work fine for us. :D

Tomorrow, I shall take the door off of Spouse's bedroom and do the same fabric treatment (but different fabric, of course). Ha! I just remembered we've got some winter drapes in the basement, so I'll use those! Easy peasy!!

Now, all I need to do is figure out where to stash the doors, until they can be reinstalled. Not the basement, because it's still wet down there. I gotta get back down there and get that cement floor cracked and a hole dug for the sump pump before winter. Somebody put that on the list for me, okay? :rolleyes:


Anyhoo - I just want to thank my dear friends here, who lifted me up, in more ways than I can count when I was in such a very low spot. Your prayers, your hugs and your words of kindness and wisdom really, really, really blessed me. Thank you - thank you - thank you!!!

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